Following are some of our homeowner references and comments.  Many have made their contact information available to us to pass along to potential clients and occasionally make their homes available to us for personal tours.  We would be happy to provide more information for you upon request.


“Beth and Julie did a great job keeping me informed.  I had none of the typical complaints  – late, unpredictable – which was very important to us.”

Ferrell, 2015takealookORANGE



IMG_3538“Griggs Homes does quality work and they have the knowledge, skill, and talent needed for the work, both technical and artistic. They are very easy to work with and communicate well, giving frequent status reports. They consulted with me on my likes, dislikes, and preferences, and made great recommendations on products and style.”

Whayne, 2014takealookORANGE


PS1_0160“We were very pleased with Griggs Homes attention to detail, supervision of contractors, responsiveness to our concerns, and frequent updates/communication regarding our project. The finished product exceeded our expectations! It has transformed the way we utilize our space.”

Porter, 2013takealookORANGE


Edgewater Residence Entryway“You made it happen!  I am so pleased.  It makes all that overtime worth it.  From the first meeting until the last handshake (hug), the Griggs team confidently, creatively and professionally advised and produced exactly what was promised.  Their promise  to deliver quality work in a tight time frame showed me that they are working for the customer.  I’m not one who rates a “10” unless it’s been earned…..I am so pleased with this outcome.  And now I have new friends.  Thank you everybody!”

Wethington, 2013takealookORANGE


130718_TofRemod_MM00097“After receiving four estimates for my kitchen remodeling, I chose Griggs Homes to make the picture in my mind come to reality.  There were several aspects that I considered when making the final decision.  One of the main things I was looking for was a contractor/designer.  I wanted someone that was going to take my ideas and elaborate on them.  This is what Griggs Homes did.  In fact, they were the only ones that did out of the four contractors that I met.  Everyone just listened to my ideas and didn’t really offer any suggestions of130718_TofRemod_MM00099 their own.  Another point that stood out for Griggs Homes was how personable everyone was.  Julie, Beth, and all the workmen were friendly with great work ethics.  Someone, usually Beth, always made sure that the work site was left as clean as possible every day.  I didn’t feel rushed when making decisions.  I didn’t settle for anything.  In the end, I got the kitchen of my dreams and even updated the adjoining keeping room.  Thank you Griggs Homes for a job well done.”

The Ellisons, 2013takealookORANGE


Still Meadows Residence After

“It was a pleasure to work with Julie and her team for our basement project. She is clearly respected in the building/remodeling community. She inspires subcontractors to do their best work. We have been involved in several construction projects in our lives and I can say that no contractor has been more in-touch and transparent about the process than Julie Griggs.  Our project was completed on budget and on time with a high degree of quality and craftsmanship.  We would certainly recommend Griggs Homes to family, friends and neighbors.”

The Caldwells, 2010takealookORANGE


Firebrook Residence Custom Staircase



“Last year, I contracted with Julie Griggs on many home improvement projects in my home.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience!!!  She is extremely professional.  We always discussed my needs and our plans much in advance.   I always knew what to expect and never had any disappointments.  If anything, my expectations were always surpassed!  Every single project that was done is beautiful and I continue to enjoy them every day! The timing of her work in my home was wonderful – so much was accomplished in such a timely manner.   I would be happy and proud  to share with others any of the projects that were done at my home. Julie has high expectations of those whom she contracts with and that level of quality is expressed in the final product that her customers receive.  I would highly recommend Julie Griggs for any home improvement projects and I personally look forward to and  plan to work with her again on any future home improvement projects that I might have.”

The McDaniels, 2012 takealookORANGE


Lansdowne Residence Kitchen“My husband and I have an older home in Lexington which has required lots of updating.  After interviewing and getting price quotes from many different companies, I have used Griggs Homes to complete many small and large renovation projects in our home and have been completely satisfied with their work.  Julie Griggs is always so professional, has great ideas and can work with any budget! I have been so impressed with her knowledge of construction and her ability to explain any process of renovation in layman’s terms.  She has always worked very hard to get us exactly what we’ve wanted at the best price possible.  I have appreciated her honesty and the goodwill that she engenders with all of her contractors.  I know that I can trust her and the people that she has working in my home.  Every project that Julie has been involved in has been a pleasure and I have never been disappointed in the work that she has done for us!”

The Potters, 2009takealookORANGE

Edgewater Residence Interior After“Griggs Homes Inc. was contracted to do a full basement remodel of my home in 2010.  The result is a gorgeous new space 
in which to entertain both family and friends.  Julie Griggs is very professional, very knowledgeable  and very attentive to detail.  Julie listened to us concerning what we wanted the finished product to look like and she guided us through the process of completely gutting the basement to the bare walls, knocking out concrete to add 10 feet of windows, moving plumbing and duct work and the resulting rebuilding and refurbishing of the basement.  Julie is easy to work with and the crews that worked for her were likewise very knowledgeable and professional.”

The Wilsons, 2011takealookORANGE

“Griggs Homes Inc. has completed several remodeling tasks at our home in recent years.  The work has been outstanding, and we have not hesitated to recommend them to our Central Kentucky friends.  We consider Griggs Homes to have been a highly effective and pleasant partner with whom to work.  At all times, its personnel were friendly, honest, and competent.  They delivered what we agreed to have done on schedule and at a reasonable price.  Attention to detail, so important in remodeling work, was superior.  We had no concerns about granting them access to our home when we were away thereby avoiding the inconvenience of ongoing construction activity in our home.  They are completely reliable.  Client satisfaction is one of the foremost goals of Griggs Homes Inc.”

The Deacons, 2012